How I Defeated the Onset of Illness in One Hour

Would you be willing to spend one hour in order to save yourself from being sick for an entire week? What if I told you it also is extremely cheap?

For the past few weeks I’ve been doing nothing but exercising, working, searching for a place to live, dealing with medical bills, etc. all while being sleep deprived. Yesterday I bought some green chard that looked like it was a little old, but decided to try eating it anyway. Bad Idea. I was already fatigued and drained and the rotten vegetable proved to be the tipping point for my immune system. For the rest of the day I felt gross.

I woke up the following day and with the way that I felt I knew a sickness was about to dominate and overtake me. I worked, then worked out while sick (legs of all things) then traveled left and right looking for a place to live. A blanket of fatigue and unhappiness began to wrap itself around me and I felt its impending doom. Then I remembered this giant book of Chinese Medicine I had bought and decided it couldn’t hurt to try it and see for myself if it worked.

Digging through it, I tried the formula. It worked.

UPDATE: I still do this all the time when I start to get sick.

Tea, Cayenne, Ginger, Garlic and Hot Showers

Drink tea to stop illness

Drink Tea to Stop Illness and Enhance Cuteness

While heating up a cup of water, I cut up fresh ginger (it has to be fresh ginger) and grabbed some cayenne and chamomile tea. I drank two glasses of this concoction.

This alone is enough to get you hot and sweaty, however the book takes it one step further.

You then peel a raw, fresh garlic clove (not garlic powder) and suck on the garlic without chewing.

After consuming your tea and sucking on the raw garlic, you take a hot shower to sweat and open up your pores. I also took a niacin (vitamin B-3) which causes your capillaries to open and blood to flow towards the skin.

My whole body was revved up and hot. I was sweating even in my room which was 67 degrees. Before I knew it I had a ton of energy. In fact, I had so much energy I started working out again (I did the ab workout I was too tired to do at the end of my leg workout earlier). After working out I finished an entire financial application, cleaned my room, prepared my hockey equipment to sell, and prepared everything I needed for the next day all under a few hours. I woke up the next day energized and determined.

So the next time you are getting sick, try this out.

Step-By-Step Process of Dominating the Onset of Illness

  • Step 1: Drink hot tea, I prefer chamomile.
  • Optional (TJ’s Step): Take a niacin while drinking your hot tea to further open up your pores and aid in elimination. You want regular niacin (not flush free or delayed release) – the kind that will make you “flush” and open up your capillaries.  I personally used Twinlabs Niacin which is under $9.00 with free shipping.
  • Step 2: Peel and cut up fresh ginger and add this to your hot tea with cayenne pepper (add as much cayenne as you can handle).
  • Step 3: After drinking a few cups (keeping it hot), peel fresh garlic. Suck on the pieces without chewing for 15 minutes.
  • Step 4: Take a hot shower (I took mine while sucking on the garlic).

Your body should now be internally hot, sweating out the bad bacteria, and surging with the immune boosting effects of garlic. If you do this early enough when you are catching yourself getting sick, you just might prevent a week of misery.

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