How To Beat Depression Without Medication

This site shows you how to fix your root causes of depression. Far too many people have physiological root causes that they don’t know about and go on trying every method, from therapy to positive thinking, only to relapse over and over again.

There is always a cause for depression, you just need to figure out what is your root causes and fix depression at a deeper level.

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Depression Resources

Learn more about the root causes of depression, why medication isn’t always the answer, and why therapy might not be effective (yet).

Get Off Antidepressants

Get Off Antidepressants

Get Off Safely And Minimize Withdrawals


Master Sleep

Master Sleep

Sleep Deeper, Faster, And Wake Up Refreshed


Why Positive Thinking Can Fail

Why Positive Thinking Can Fail

Learn The Truth Why Thoughts Don’t Always Fix Depression



Why Therapy Doesn't Always Work

Why Therapy Doesn’t Always Work

Therapy Is Great If Your Root Cause Isn’t In Your Physiology


Relapsed? How To Recover Quick

Relapsed? How To Recover Quick

Stop the downward spiral into the depths of despair


Supplements For Depression

Supplements For Depression

Updated list of supplements that work


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Blog Updates

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Suicidal Thoughts Every Day for 33 Years to Relief | Charlene’s Success Story

Tired of being numb. Tired of being depressed while still on medications. Charlene emailed me telling me she was coming off of her meds. She started a few basic supplements and cut out dairy, gluten and sugar. L-tyrosine didn’t work, so she tried l-tryptophan. Then she cut out all her meds completely and starting taking […]


Oura Ring Review | The Smart Ring For Sleep

Remember when everyone started wearing things on their wrists to track their steps? Then seeing them everywhere you went? Well, it turns out that there are actually smart rings for that as well. As far as tracking your sleep, most people don’t like the idea of a watch scratching up their face without them being aware […]

Antidepressants and Alcohol

Four Failed Withdrawal Attempts to Depression Free | Helen’s Success Story

Helen emailed me letting me know that she was was off citalopram and had emotional stability. Since having a baby 12 years ago, she struggled with depression, SSRI dependency, and had a midlife crisis. Now she is able to cope without using sugar or alcohol. Naturally, I wanted to share her story. Enter Helen I was […]

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Inositol Powder for Anxiety and Depression

Inositol powder is one of those supplements you never really hear about. It is technically not a vitamin but is considered a member of the B vitamin family. It can be great for anxiety, OCD and insomnia. Inositol is involved with serotonin pathways which is why some people with depression can benefit from it. There are […]


CBD Oil For Anxiety

When CBD oil first came out, some people wrote it off as another product intended to get you high without any real benefits. A lot of people think that marijuana is all about getting stoned. Then, on U.S. national television, it stopped an epileptic seizure. Now we have people saying that CBD is a miracle […]


Situational Depression Versus Biological Depression

How do you know if you feel bad because you have situational depression or if there’s something wrong with your brain and body? Do you feel bad because you are going through a bunch of life transitions, you just lost your job, and are fighting with your spouse? Or is it because you aren’t eating […]


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Praise from people who used the site to recover.

“I feel absolutely AMAZING!!! I made it! I made it through it all. I have never been so thankful in my life. Thank you so much. It changed my life and has helped put myself on a road to a happier Brandi. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!”

Brandi Green

“The emails are very helpful. I especially liked learning about how nutritional deficiencies can cause/mimic depression. What an amazing breakthrough.”


“It’s amazing how much of a difference is making to everything, general well being, state of calm, focus, my body feels light and more. Kinda feel a bit stupid for not figuring this out myself. Had dreams that I can remember for the first time in a long long time both nights. I also used to feel very suicidal for 30 mins every morning after waking up, which would pass quickly and was only ever right after waking up so I got used to it. But feel completely normal now!”

Ollie Smith

“You helped me up. And I thank you for that. I was down for months devastated and just couldn’t get up. You helped me get through… Thank you.”

Saint Andrew

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