Is It Possible To Beat Depression?

Is It Possible To Beat DepressionIs it possible to pull yourself out of a depression?

Is it possible to beat depression even if your whole family is depressed, your on medication, and you have suicidal thoughts?

Is it possible to recover from depression without medication?

Are you doomed to taking strong medications that cover up the symptoms of a condition for the rest of your existence?

Why did I decide to write about this today?

For one, I forgot how long I used to be stuck in harmful beliefs.

I forgot that depression lies to you by telling you you’re stuck and doomed.  I forgot that depression tells you it is an “illness” or “disease” that you’ll live with for the rest of your life.

I forgot that at one point, doctors told me that I had a condition like type one diabetes. I would have to take strong medications for the rest of my life, just like insulin.

I forgot that in my recovery and the state I’m in now, that other people have either forgotten or didn’t know that overcoming depression is possible.

This might be the most important article you read.  Almost every single one of you who signs up for my email list responds to my first question with the same answer.

Is It Possible To Overcome Depression?

I ask every person that signs up to my email list one simple question.

“What’s your single most important question about overcoming depression without medication?”

The most common response I get is, you guessed it, “Is it possible to cure depression?” or “Is it possible to get over depression?” or “Is it possible to recover from depression?” or “No, really, is it possible to beat depression if I’ve been depressed for 10 years?”

If you noticed, medication isn’t even mentioned in these questions.  People aren’t just unsure if it is possible to beat depression without meds, they are simply unsure of whether or not it is possible to cure depression at all.

What this means is that it is an almost universal symptom of depression to believe that it isn’t possible to beat it.  Even worse, our society and medical system is there to reinforce that belief.  I had trained professionals telling me that I had a disease for the rest of my life and I was doomed to taking powerful mind altering chemicals produced in a lab until I die in order to feel normal.

The media is the most obvious.  How often do we hear about someone who took his or her own life?  What brings more viewers, a sad chaotic story of violent suicide? Would anyone watch if the news said, “Man slowly heals himself over the course of 6 months from depression.  Says he feels happy now.”?

Why did I get so many emails when Robin Williams took his life where people thought that if he failed, they couldn’t possibly succeed?  Do you or I know what it is like to be that famous or what other things he was actually dealing with?

Why do we all succumb to the belief that depression is an ailment that we will have for life? Reading statistics about depression online doesn’t help. How often have you heard, “Unfortunately, 50% of people who have one major episode of depression will relapse, and the likelihood goes up if you’ve had more than one,” in your lifetime?

Depression is downward spiral for a reason.  It makes you feel horrible, which makes you question everything including the possibility of depression’s defeat, which in turn makes you feel even more horrible.  The cycle goes on and on.  Every relapse you experience becomes yet another reinforcement for the belief that depression simply cannot be defeated.

Is it possible to beat depression?

Depression makes you feel hopeless, hopelessness makes  you feel more depressed, which makes you feel more hopeless…

When was the last time you sat down with yourself and really thought about whether or not depression can actually be solved.

Is it not true, that there are thousands and thousands of people recovering from depression?  What about them?  Why don’t we ever listen to the success stories?

Now that I’ve recovered I’ve often asked myself, “What is depression really?” Is depression a thing, or is it a symptom of something else going on?  Is depression a disease that attacks you for no reason, or is it symptom that either something is off in your life or in your body?

What Are Some Known Or Possible Causes Of Depression?

The most commonly known triggers for depression are things like trauma, grief, financial troubles, relationship breakup, unemployment, or a big move to another city.  Then there are poor sibling relationships, dysfunctional families, or a lack of purpose in life.

There is a genetic component with depression.  So if you’re parents are depressed, well guess what, you now have a higher likelihood of being depressed, not to mention being around depressing parents isn’t probably helping either.

If you’re reading this website, however, I’m sure a lot of you have looked into those things and still find yourself depressed.  Or, what if none of those things apply to you? Is it possible to have depression for no reason?

Other notable causes can be things like SAD, or seasonal affective disorder.  This is where someone gets depressed in the winter.  Shockingly, they now say that for less than 1% of SAD sufferers, it can even strike someone in the summer.

There are people who don’t react well to birth control pills and find themselves feeling depressed as a result.  There are other medications where the one of the possible side effects listed on the bottle is depression.

If you abuse substances, it is possible to find yourself depressed.  If you have a sudden stressful event, it can put you in a depression…

Are you getting the point? There are a lot of possible explanations for depression and we haven’t even skimmed the surface yet!

Sometimes, I believe people substitute the word depression for sadness in a lot of cases, such as moving to another city, but regardless there are a lot of reasons for feeling down or depressed.

So what can a person do?!

Possible Physical Causes For Depression

People forget that there are physical possibilities for keeping them down.

Here is a small list of possible reasons for depression that are purely physical:

  • Lack of exercise
  • Lack of sunshine
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Candida or yeast infection
  • Poor adrenal function
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Heavy metal toxicity
  • Premenstrual syndrome
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Dental problems
  • TMJ
  • Infection like AIDS
  • Medical conditions like heart problems, lung disease, cancer, or head injury

What if you simply had a thyroid problem, and after getting it corrected, your symptoms of depression vanished? Have you looked into the symptoms of a bad thyroid to see if you match any of the criteria?

Have you looked into adrenal fatigue? The test is easy. You simply get levels of your cortisol and DHEA levels checked.  I’ve done it myself.

Is it possible to beat depression?

After learning about my low levels of DHEA, healing my adrenals got my motivation and energy back.

What if you had a simple issue going on in your body and by looking deeper into that and with the proper care, your symptoms of depression vanished?

What Are The Possible Dietary Causes For Depression?

Now lets take a look at possible ways you can be depressed through your diet or food.  I know that, at least in the Western part of the world, there are a lot of people that believe that diet has no role in depression or any ailment for that matter. I used to be one of those people.  I also used to eat a lot of McDeath (otherwise known as McDonalds).

These days, whenever I hear that or read that diet plays no role in mental health conditions I just shake my head and wonder how we have all gone crazy and think food doesn’t affect anything.

People like Julia Ross, Joan Mathews Larson, Priscilla Slagle, Andrew Saul,  and Stephen S Ilardi have been using nutrient therapy for years to cure people of conditions like depression and substance abuse effectively.  Not only that, but also helping people get off antidepressants safely and effectively.

I would know, because I got started down this whole rabbit hole of actually being healthy myself after randomly picking up Julia Ross’s Mood Cure. I stumbled around in a depressive stupor, walked down to Barnes and Noble, and desperately went to the Mental Health section to find a solution to my depression in one year or kill myself and picked up her book.

As you can see, I’m still alive.

A lack of Omega-3 fatty acids is a major issue for most people.  In a typical diet, Omega-6 fats are abundant and Omega-3 fats are lacking.  This causes problems within the brain when it comes to neurotransmitters working properly and leads to higher inflammation, both reasons for not feeling too great.

Numerous studies have shown that most study participants were deficient in magnesium, a critical nutrient for both anxiety and depression.  It also makes a great supplement to promote sleep, if you suffer from insomnia.

If you don’t get enough B Vitamins, you won’t have the proper cofactors in converting amino acids into neurotransmitters like serotonin or dopamine.

Is It Possible To Beat Depression?

B Vitamins Are Necessary For Neurotransmitter Production

If you have a Vitamin D deficiency, this is going to affect your body’s functioning in more than one way.  It can also cause depression.  I had this problem.  Using supplementation brought my Vitamin D levels up into the optimal range, which did wonders for my mood.

Is it possible to beat depression?

Was lower than 34 before this test. I was still working on raising it.

Is it possible to beat depression?

This is after supplementing with Vitamin D and correcting my DHEA levels

Other researchers are finding that people can develop depression simply by eating foods they are allergic to.  Two of the most common allergens that you might have heard about are gluten and dairy.

There are people that find that just by cutting out gluten they find their depressive symptoms vanishing.

Many people get depression or mood swings because of eating too much sugar or starchy carbohydrates.  The rapid changes in blood sugar levels can affect mood dramatically.

These people can often find relief simply by eating more protein (supplying more amino acids, the building blocks of neurotransmitters), eating more healthy fats (the human brain is nearly 60% fat), and replacing their morning cereal and starchy treats with foods like vegetables, yams, or occasionally fruit.

What’s the message here?

It Is Possible To Beat Depression

You just have to find out the root cause that is making you depressed and correct it.

Want to know how to overcome depression? Here’s the formula:

Step 1: Figure out why you are depressed.
Step 2: Correct the root cause(s).

Okay, I get it.  If you knew why you were depressed you’d already have begun working on fixing it.

My question to you is, have you let go of all your preconceived notions about depression, and really allowed yourself to dig deeper and do whatever it takes to figure out why you’re depressed? Have you looked at all the other ways to correct it?

My Promise To You

Yes, it is possible to feel good. Depression is not forever. Remember that depression places a “filter” over your thoughts. I know that even as I am writing this blog post, if depression has that filter up over you, a lot of this isn’t going to register until you finally feel better.

This filter produces all-or-nothing thoughts, and the biggest one is that you are going to be this way forever. Psychiatrists told me that all the time. They said I had a lifelong “disease” and would have to take antidepressants for the rest of my life.

Guess what? I don’t even take many supplements anymore. I feel great.

Listen, if you make it an absolute commitment to overcome your depression and find the root cause for why you are feeling the way you do, and do that no matter what, you cannot fail. You will find the solution. I promise you that.

I had food allergies, wasn’t eating healthy at all (but thought I was), didn’t eat enough fat, had low Omega-3 levels, had burnt out adrenals and depleted B Vitamins from stress, and had a magnesium and Vitamin D deficiency.  I corrected it all with diet, supplementation, and using amino acids to get off Celexa and bring back my levels of serotonin and dopamine naturally without drugs.

What If I’m Too Depressed In The First Place To Do Anything?

Let’s return to the dark cycle of depression.  You feel like crap because you are depressed, yet you don’t have any willpower or energy from the depression to get up and do something about it.

I’ve found that the trick is to find just a tiny bit of relief.  Whether that is through taking amino acids to bring your mood back, correcting your sleep, or eating a little bit healthier so you get that tiny little increase in energy.  Once you begin on the journey and learn more and more about yourself, it will only be a matter of time until you get to the root cause of your depression and start feeling great.

The key is to forget everything you think you know about depression and start looking at your symptoms.  Take those and take the most likely solution for your current symptoms and go at it.  Don’t stop until you are cured.

You can do this with or without medication. That is your choice.  My personal experience is that antidepressants and medications have unknown long-term effects, don’t positively affect 5-HIAA levels which have been shown to be just as important as things like serotonin for mood, and the withdrawal effects are horrendous.

I also used to work in a clinical research facility.  Behind the scenes, there is a lot that goes on to quickly pass off drugs as safe so they can hit the market.

Whatever you choose, just know that yes, it is possible to beat depression. You don’t have to live like that forever.

Feel free to comment below what your own personal journey has been, any questions you have, or shoot me an email.  I’ve been there.

If you want a risk free proven system to find relief without medication or having to rely on positive thinking, find your root cause and begin fixing it, I’ve developed a course to help you do just that.


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