Does It Work? An Honest Review of Natural Calm Magnesium

natural calm magnesium review insomnia

Insomnia will wreck your life

Sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Have insomnia every single night?

Anxiety that prevents you from living the life that you want?

Restless leg syndrome?

Not sure which product you can trust when ordering this mineral?

Did you know this mineral is commonly deficient in just about everybody?

Watch the video below to see my honest review of Natural Calm.

I even stir it up and show you how it mixes.

Topics discussed:

0:20 – Why Magnesium is so Important for Depression
1:25 – Which Magnesium Supplements I Have Tried
2:30 – Try Magnesium Or Test Your Blood Levels
3:40 – One Downside of Natural Vitality Natural Calm
4:02 – Mixing Magnelevures in Water Demonstration
5:25 – Mixing Natural Calm in Water Demonstration
6:25 – Magnesium in My Body
6:45 – What Happens If You Take Too Much Magnesium

One of my favorite supplements I have ever tried is Natural Vitality’s Natural Calm Magnesium powder.  I used to suffer from intense anxiety and insomnia and started reading about magnesium’s effect on depression.

I tried several magnesium supplements and never could really tell they were working.  I tried Solgar Magnesium, regular magnesium tablets from Costco, etc.  Then I found Natural Calm Magnesium on and saw all the positive reviews so I ordered a big ‘ole tub of it to find out.

After a while my anxiety lessened, I actually started sleeping better (my most popular post on this website is my post on how to defeat insomnia naturally), and I even started to crave the stuff.

I got a blood test done later that showed my levels of magnesium were actually low.  Makes sense that magnesium made such a difference for me.

Natural Calm Magnesium Benefits

Natural Calm Magnesium Supplement

Natural Calm Magnesium Supplement

Magnesium is necessary for the metabolism of amino acids and carbohydrates.  Magnesium helps your body utilize vitamins C and E and convert the B vitamins into a form your body can use.

This means that if you are taking a large amount of B vitamins you might be using up a lot of magnesium.  If you don’t have enough magnesium, you won’t be able to properly use all those B Vitamins that are so critical for fighting off depression.

A lack of magnesium is a very bad thing.  Most common results of a magnesium deficiency is depression, irritability, restlessness, anxiety, insomnia, and confusion.  If you are severely deficient in magnesium you will start hallucinating.

Magnesium has been used for patients to cut down on their painkilling medications, to help with migraines, and to ease PMS discomfort.

According to The Way Up From Down by Priscilla Slagle, studies showed that there were “significantly lower levels of magnesium in the blood and cerebrospinal fluid of depressed patients, and the lowest levels in suicidal patients.”

Most people are slightly deficient in magnesium.  Alcoholics are especially prone to being deficient in magnesium. Stress, sugar, and caffeine deplete magnesium, which is familiar to many people in this modern world.

Getting enough magnesium is essential to feeling 100%.  If your body can’t convert B vitamins, use Vitamin C and E, then you are not going to feel good.  What I specifically noticed when using magnesium was its effects on anxiety and insomnia.

Natural Calm Magnesium for Anxiety and Insomnia

If you read my sleep post I referenced earlier, you’ll notice that to start sleeping I recommend that you take a handful of supplements.  The good news is after a while you don’t have to take all those supplements anymore.

The only supplement I still take at night is Natural Calm Magnesium.  It doesn’t knock you out like an Ambien would.  What it does is make you relaxed to where you can fall asleep.  I also sleep really well throughout the night.

Not only that, but restless leg syndrome has been linked to a deficiency in magnesium.  Many people who have had insomnia due to restless leg syndrome started sleeping after they started taking additional magnesium.

A lack of magnesium results in anxiety.  When you start supplementing with magnesium it’s likely you will get a reduction in anxiety.  If you are anything like me, anxiety sucks and if it gets bad enough it can hold you back in life far beyond what is manageable.

Natural Calm Magnesium Supplement Side Effects

Magnesium Blood Levels Test

My Magnesium Blood Levels Test

Magnesium is relatively safe.  Side effects are uncommon. Taking doses around 350 milligrams or lower should be safe for most people.  If you take significantly more than that, common side effects can be stomach upset, nausea, or vomiting.  The serious side effects of taking massive quantities of magnesium can include irregular heartbeat, low blood pressure, coma, slowed breathing, or death.

What is the most common side effect of taking too much magnesium? Loose bowels.

I have had only a few people email me about natural calm side effects.  In a minority of cases, some people have taken a relatively small dose and found that it made their insomnia worse, gave them anxiety, etc.  This is why I always suggest with any supplement and in my email list to start with the lowest dose possible first.

If you do this, then you can only increase your dose if everything is fine and avoid any bad natural calm side effects that could potentially occur.


Magnesium levels after taking Natural Calm

Magnesium levels after taking Natural Calm

Natural Calm Magnesium for Constipation

Yes. The main side effect that you will experience if you take too much natural calm magnesium is you will have loose stools.  Some people actually take natural calm magnesium for this reason alone.

However, if your bowels get too relaxed you should cut down on how much magnesium you are taking as that means you are getting more than enough.  If you take too much over a long period of time, the buildup of magnesium in your body can lead to those other more serious side effects like irregular heartbeat and low blood pressure.

The good news is you are going to notice you have loose bowels long before that happens.

Natural Calm Magnesium and Calcium

Natural Calm Magnesium Calcium

Natural Calm Magnesium Plus Calcium

Too much magnesium can cause loose bowels.  Too much calcium can lead to constipation.  The body needs a balance of magnesium and calcium.

One of the reasons why many researchers think that a lot of people are deficient in magnesium is because they don’t intake enough magnesium and take in way too much calcium.  If you take in too much calcium it will cause your magnesium levels to lower and vice versa.

Calcium itself can help ease symptoms of anxiety and some doctors have described taking a calcium+magnesium combo as taking the body’s natural tranquilizer.  However, most people will have too much calcium and too little magnesium.

Natural Vitality offers a Natural Calm Magnesium Calcium product for people that need to get both.  I have never personally tried it as I used to have extra calcium lying around so I would use that instead.  Now I don’t take any additional calcium because my levels are balanced and I just need a little boost in magnesium to keep my insomnia and anxiety at bay.

Natural Calm Magnesium Testimonials

According to Natural Vitality’s website they say that Natural Calm has been the best selling magnesium supplement for over 7 years.  Obviously that is coming from the company themselves, so before I purchased natural calm magnesium I checked out reviews all over the place.


Pretty much everywhere I went I saw positive reviews of Natural Calm Magnesium.  A tub of it costs $20.  I figured I could spend $20 and either fix some of my issues surrounding depression and anxiety or lose out on a twenty dollar bill.

You can read all the Natural Calm Magnesium Powder reviews (over 700 of them) on Amazon here: Natural Calm Magnesium Amazon.

My personal experience with Natural Calm has been positive.  I haven’t tried any of the flavors as I prefer buying everything in their unflavored versions and the taste doesn’t bother me.  After a while I actually found myself liking the unflavored magnesium’s taste, but everyone is different in that regard and I’ve been known to be able to drink nasty things like papaya juice with ease.


Natural Calm Magnesium Supplement Facts

Natural Calm Magnesium Supplement Facts

There are a lot of magnesium supplements out there that are going to work.  The most important factor when using a supplement is that it works for you.

I used to debate back and forth in my head forever trying to think if a supplement was worth it, but if you have been struggling with depression, anxiety, restlessness, and insomnia for a long time just spend a few bucks to see if magnesium is what does the trick for you.

Personally I found the best success with Natural Vitality’s magnesium and that is the one I can honestly recommend.  If you order Natural Calm through those links to Amazon above I get around $0.50 from an affiliate commission.  If you aren’t cool with that you can search on Amazon for magnesium without using my links.  I’d rather have you trust my review and try magnesium if you truly need it then to think I’m merely trying to make a few cents off writing this.

When taking any supplement, always start out with a small dose to see how it affects you.  After seeing that a small dose affects you well, then you can gradually increase the dose.  Although rare, taking too much magnesium can have side effects such as nausea.  Always start with a small dose first!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on any other forms of magnesium you have tried or any other experiences with taking magnesium that you have had.  It has been a game changer for me.  A lot of people use it to help them wean off of antidepressants. Magnesium is on my huge list of supplements that help with depression for a reason.

If you’d like free truthful steps on how to recover from depression, click here to sign up for free actionable steps to feeling like your old self again (plus a free bonus).

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  • glenda

    I was surprised to see you drink so much magnesium in one sitting. Has it ever given you nausea to take that at one time? I’m all for magnesium supplementing, but I guess some people have to be really careful because different reactions can happen for everybody and the amount has to be adjusted for each person. I used to take 400-800 mg as magnesium oxide pills. They might’ve had a small good effect on me but not much of magnesium oxide is absorbed, I had read. So I bought Natural Calm and I took 4 teaspoons the first day, which added up to 650 mg magnesium. I didn’t think it could be SO much different than taking the 800 mg of magnesium oxide. Right after I took the Natural Calm, I felt sleepy immediately. It was 11am, I should’ve taken it at bedtime. I never take naps, and don’t feel I normally need naps. So I told my 2 year old I was just going to rest my head for a bit, and it’s amazing that she didn’t get into any trouble when I accidentally fell completely asleep. I remember her singing a goodnight song to me and patting my back softly, just like when I tuck her in. 🙂 But, about 3 hours later I woke up to severe nausea, headache and diarrhea off and on, which continued til 7pm when I finally threw up my breakfast. I became dehydrated from losing so much fluid. I had the headache and no appetite for about a day after, and just drank water and homemade “pedialyte”. My husband read the entire container of Natural Calm and showed me where it said to start with only half a teaspoon and to gradually increase as needed. So I’m going to wait a week and try a half teaspoon!

    • TJ Nelson

      Hi Glenda,
      That sounds like an intense experience and way too high of a dose for you!

      I do have to admit, I can handle quite a bit of magnesium. I was deficient in it, so my body was loving every bit of it.

      Also, taking it with food is never a good idea since magnesium can prevent the food from digesting properly.

      I’ve never had any adverse effects from it myself, other than one or two times where going to the bathroom was “easier.”

      With any supplement it is best to start out really small and gradually increase the dose to see how it affects you. I will add that into the post.

  • Elle

    It’s such a shame supplements like magnesium oxide are even on the shelf. I was told I was magnesium deficient by my doctor, he said get magnesium from the pharmacy and follow the directions on the bottle. While I was there a person was buying magnesium as well, he told me don’t bother with the “oxide” version, the bioavailability is very low. That led me into investigating the best form, best time to take, what/what not to take with it etc., of all the vitamins and supplements I take. I love Natural Calm as well, huge difference that I felt immediately. I’m just beginning niacin, vitamin-c, b-complex, 5-htp, vitamin-e and selenium protocol for depression. I do wonder if the
    5-htp is too much wit the niacin or vice versa, any thoughts? Great site, thank you!

    • TJ Nelson

      You will be fine taking niacin and 5-HTP. Just make sure to gauge how you feel, and after every bottle see if you feel fine by not taking anymore.

  • Andrew

    I have suffered from off-the-charts anxiety, panic attacks, you name it. Indescribable night terrors (usually only related to school), insomnia, restless legs–medication related, usually. I have such an addictive personality and have to be careful with anything that helps me sleep–including marijuana. I am not currently using it. Earlier this year i was taking the recommended dose of natural calm without calcium. I was sleeping ok, generAlly. One day, while out jogging ( i exercise for health and the anxiety), and I started having an anxiety/panic attack while jogging! I was waking up in the middle of the night with intense anxiety also. Brutal. It seemed to subside when i stopped taking natural calm. I read that a few people have the opposite reaction to natural calm. It has to figure I would be that exception. Just started 1 tsp instead of the two i used to take. Hopefully it will be different this time. Any thoughts on the increased anxiety?

    • TJ Nelson

      Hey, have you seen my post about sleep? That post goes into a lot of supplements that help sleep and also reduce anxiety as a result.

      Anxiety is caused by SOMETHING. What you want to do is find out what that is. If it is constant, general anxiety despite life circumstances, there is something going on physically.

      It could be a food allergy, vitamin or mineral deficiency, etc. There are a lot of different routes. I would need to know what you are currently doing, what you’ve tried, etc. to get a definitive answer.

  • Vrajesh

    Hey Tj,

    i just purchased Natural calm today and i started taking it right away. i took i would say 600 mg on empty stomach and i took ~500 mg after eating food with hot water. I noticed a slight difference earlier but nothing to obvious. I am a little worried since taking this much magnesium i havent had any loose stools or diarrhea. I am constipated also (i would say 1 bm a day) and i am a little worried if all this magnesium will make me “toxic” in it, if i don’t get diarrhea which is the fail safe mechanism since i have constipation.

    My other question is that can i up my dose to even more if i am not getting any laxative effect or desired results?

    What do you recommend?

    • TJ Nelson

      Best thing to do if you can is get tested so you know if you are deficient or not. It is rare that you wouldn’t start to get loose stools when you are taking too much. However, which any minerals, if you take too much it will start to do more harm than good.

      I want to say that you should be fine, but I have no idea what your situation is or what your magnesium levels are. You can either play it by feel, or you can get your levels tested.

      I used to take a LOT of magnesium, and I never had too much. I did this before I got tested. However, testing later confirmed I was low in magnesium, so I knew I needed large amounts.

  • DeniseSimone

    I took 1/4 Teaspoon and 10 minutes after I took I started have excessive loose bowels and stomach pains…could so little cause such discomfort? Makes me never want to take this again.

    • TJ Nelson

      You might not respond well to magnesium or more specifically magnesium citrate. That is a relatively low dose. I would either try taking a different form of magnesium like magnesium glycinate or you might already have enough magnesium in your body.

  • Xena

    i am a severe insomniac for at least 9 years ( mid twenty) which was caused one night before a stressful exam and sadly it continued from there, now 9 years later I still have the same symptoms high anxiety restless leg syndrome, constant twitching, I tried everything but nothing works my skin has become really bad acne and visible lines, heavy eyes, hollow cheeks I look ill, I am mentally exhausted and sleep on average 2 hours a day and there are days when I am awake for 4 nights in a row where I start having audio hallucinations and visual.
    I have cleaned up my diet no caffeine or anything stimulating but I still cannot sleep or relax.
    I was on google and somehow came across your page so my question is this, I been told to take magnesium glycinate, so which one is yours? there are several ones such as magnesium oxide magnesium citrate, magnesium glycinate.
    please answer as soon as possible, I need help
    thank you

  • yvonne

    I started taking Natural Calm about a month ago. I’ve had a couple of surgeries within the last couple of months that have long recovery times that require that you not strain to have a BM and avoid constipation at all costs. I’m taking stool softeners and metamucil as per doctors orders. If I can’t go for a couple of days I’m supposed to take Milk of Magnesia. That stuff makes me feel nauseated and I just plain don’t like it. Anyway, the Calm was a miracle. I would take a Tbsp at night, I started with a large dose because I was already constipated and a friend told me that that’s what she took. It was great I would take the Tbsp ever night and I would have an easy BM within a couple of hours and then two more in the morning. I showed it to my surgeon and he gave it a thumbs up. Well last week I had some problems with my stomach and all the Advil I have to take. The antacid that the doctor (a really good gastro specialist) gave me is constipating me. The last 5 days I take the Calm and I don’t go. So I took another Tbsp during the day, I still wouldn’t have a BM until after I ate in the evening, most times a food that would normally give me the runs. So, my question is, I’m going to start taking the 2tbsp at one time at night instead of dividing the dose. It’s actually 8tsp, my measuring spoon is a bit big. Is that too much? Can you take too much Natural calm? Does it have a cumulative effect? I don’t know what else to do for the constipation, I’ve been told conflicting things…you can’t take too much magnesium…you can die from taking too much… I’m so disappointed with the new antacid doing this. It will be a while before I can see my gastro guy again, since he’s so good it’s also hard to get an appt. So what do you think?

  • Hila

    I don’t know if you still answer this thread but I was just switched from lexapro to Wellbutrin (antidepressants) and the withdrawal plus the new meds haven’t been making me feel so well . Wellbutrin has also been giving me insomnia. I had a major anxiety attack tonight so I I bought the natural calm packet which says 1.5 teaspoons and I’m even more scared to try it and feel worse. Can it make my anxiety worse? I just want to sleep and relax I haven’t felt relaxed in so long!!!

  • Lindsey Thomas

    I am currently taking 0.5 Xanax each night an hour before bed. It helps with the anxiety but some nights I have a hard time getting to sleep. I’ve been on Xanax for 2 1/2 months now. My doctor is for tapering and getting me off Xanax but it will probably be till February of next year till we can talk about tapering. So to my question if i starting taking Natural Calm for help me sleep better… would it badly interact with my Xanax at night? I’ve hear of Serotonin Syndrome if you take Xanax with certain supplements. And i don’t won’t that to happen with Natural Calm. Any info would be helpful. Thanks!

    • TJ Nelson

      Hi Liindsey, you can take Natural Calm with Xanax. Magnesium is generally safe to take with medications since it is a mineral. Usually, you have to be careful about taking things like amino acids, St. John’s Wort, etc. that have a direct effect on neurotransmitters.

  • doctor victor

    Hi all I am a Mexican Doctor and I would never recomend Lexapro or welbutrin to anybody with panick attacks… those antidepressants do not calm they excite.
    try citalopram or prozac

  • jmonster097

    Ha! glad i saw this. I’m currently following your excellent advice for snri withdrawal. i absolutely hate all these pills, though. i happen to already love Calm and can’t believe it didn’t occur to me already. hell, i can mix some up and use it to take my other supplements! ummm… i can do that, right, TJ?

    • TJ Nelson

      Yes you can! Keep us updated.

  • Lightning..

    i took 1 tsp of this calm plus calcium last night around 6pm.. i have back problems right now, causing my anxiety to flair up and i am not sleeping well thanks to the anxiety and worrying about it.. after i took it i felt like i had to throw up a couple hours later, not feeling sick just that i was gonna throw up and i did, just some liquid came up, no a huge deal, happened twice. I felt kind of funny most of the night and had a weird taste in my mouth. i went to bed, slept from about 12pm till almost 4am and woke up. i went back to bed around 6am when i finally could relax, had crazy dreams, some video game arcade for adults and there was a demon running it. when you went in there you won a bunch of stuff bout after a few visits people started being evil in there, some of us found a way to fight the demon.. than i woke up, the dream was super vivid like you were really there. dreams like this do not scare me, some people wake up freaked out when they have nightmares, not me. i don’t usually remember my dreams but this one seemed very real.

    i have taken some NOW brand magnesium citrate before and never had a problem that i can remember. i think i took it once a day and i don’t remember it helping so i finally decided to try this. i guess ill try a smaller dose for a while maybe that was just too much. also i used cold water and as soon as it dissolved i drank it. did not catch that you needed to wait a while to drink it if you use cold water. not sure if that had anything to do with it.

    • TJ Nelson

      It was most likely that you took too much.

      It is always best to start with a really low dose and only increase it if you don’t have any adverse effects.

  • Deane Alban

    I’ve used Natural Calm for a few years but was horrified to see that this independent lab gave it a “D” rating making it one of the worst magnesium supplements out of the dozens they tested. According to, it contained a concerning amount of arsenic and the label was highly inaccurate. Oddly, it contained double the magnesium that was stated on the label. Any thoughts? I’m on the fence as to whether to keep using it.

    • TJ Nelson

      Interesting. I didn’t take it long-term so I’m not sure about those results. What magnesium supplements did they say were the purest?

      • Deane Alban

        There were about a half dozen that got A ratings. If you click on the link in my first comment, you can access the list.

    • Cam 76

      Thanks for that, Deane, I normally reference labdoor also. I previously bought doctors best mag going by their A rating and the good reviews on iherb. I had an order made up for this natural calm product but just cancelled it, pretty disappointed. I had read so many good testimonials for this product, hopefully they take note and update the formula. Any ideas for a good alternative product in powder form?

  • Iqbal Qureshi

    I am not deficient of Magnesium. Despite that some one told me to use Magnesium Citrate Powder Natural CALM to feel still better. I took hardly 1/4 tea spoon for 3 days after which I felt terrible pain in my shoulders and also both wrists. I attributed this problem to the use of Magnesium. Hence i left using it and then I was OK after 3 days or so.Can I have any views about it?

    • TJ Nelson

      Magnesium isn’t for everyone. Depression is caused by a lot of different factors. Each person’s root causes will be different.

      If you don’t need magnesium it wouldn’t make sense to supplement with it.