The Healing Process From Depression By Shaving With Chainsaws

I was interviewed by Christopher Browning, a business and career coach for men at Shaving With Chainsaws, about overcoming depression. Chris had been suicidal before and has personal experience with being in the “state” of depression.

He also has an amazing moustache.


We talk about defeating depression, the natural healing process, unique insights for men suffering from depression, and our own personal stories.

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Books Mentioned in the Podcast

Learn more about my experience skydiving while depressed by clicking here.

I always love talking to people that have actually been there and made it out to the other side healthy and alive and hear their perspective as they reflect back on what it was like to be depressed.

Many of us are familiar with suicide stories, failures, and sad stories but we forget that for every sad story out there, there are many people that succeeded in overcoming depression.

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