TwinLab Stress B-Complex Caps Review

Twinlab B Stress Complex Caps Review

Vitamin B12 – Critical for Proper Brain Functioning!

Did you now that the average person is deficient in B Vitamins?

Many people can find relief from depression just by taking B Vitamins?

That B Vitamins are involved in making serotonin?

If you are struggling with depression this is important.

I believe that TwinLab Stress B Complex caps with Vitamin C is one of the best b complex vitamin brand out there if you don’t get the coenzymate form.

You can take B Vitamins for a few months until you are back on track.  You can then put them on the shelf until you are under more stress and feel you need them again.

What Does B Complex Do?

B Vitamins are extremely important for mental health.  Your brain needs a lot of B vitamins in order to repair and produce neurotransmitters.  B Vitamins also support the adrenal glands.  In recommending stress relief supplements I always include B Vitamins for this reason.

Stress uses up B Vitamins.  One of the benefits of B Complex vitamins is people often report they get a midafternoon “lift” when they take it with lunch.  Some people report they use B Complex for anxiety and it calms them down – others say taking B Vitamins gives them their energy back.

Without enough niacin, your brain will convert tryptophan into niacin instead of 5-HTP.  If you don’t have enough vitamin B6, your brain won’t be able to effectively convert 5-HTP into serotonin.

A lot of people have taken a Vitamin B12 supplement and found quick relief from their depression, but it is best to take all of the B Vitamins together.

Twinlab Stress B Complex Ingredients

Twinlab Stress B Complex Caps Review

Twinlab Stress B Complex Supplement Facts

Twinlab Stress B Complex has 250 mcg of Vit B 12, 100mg of niacin, and 250 mg of pantothenic acid.  This B complex with Vitamin C has 1000mg of Vitamin C per serving.  The B complex dosage is two capsules.

The Twinlab Stress B Complex Caps Label also shows PABA, choline bitartrate, and inositol.

Twinlab’s manufacturing plant is in American Fork, Utah.  It is a GMP registered facility.  The NSF has verified that the manufacturing plant meets the stringent independent registration process guidelines.  You can visit www.Twinlab.com if you are curious.

In other words, facilities registered GMP by NSF means that they have to conform to the highest verification process.  This means that you are putting in high quality ingredients into your body and not getting other harmful ingredients in your supplement.

B Complex Side Effects

Any B complex supplement can have side effects.  Although B Complex vitamins are natural supplements and healthy products they can have undesirable side effects for a small minority of individuals.

B Complex vitamins are water soluble so you don’t have to worry too much about the toxic effects of overdosing like you do with fat soluble vitamins.

Taking too much niacin can produce the “niacin flush” – a reddening and itchiness of the skin.

Sometimes taking B Complex Vitamins can upset your stomach.  In that case it is better to take a coenzymate form of the vitamin B complex.  An example of a Coenzyme B Complex is Jarrow Formulas B-Right.

Other Stress B-Complex Caps by Twinlab Reviews

Twinlab B Stress Complex Caps Review

Over 115 Reviews on Amazon for Twinlab B Stress Complex

Many people like to buy their vitamins online and Amazon is one of the top resellers of supplements.  On their site, TwinLab stress b-complex 250 Caps has over 115 reviews as of this writing.

  • 78 5-Star Reviews
  • 19 4-Star Reviews
  • 8 3-Star Reviews
  • 4 2-Star Reviews
  • 7 1-Star Reviews

Some of the bad reviews are about Amazon in general and shipping, not the actual product itself.

The Verdict of My Twinlab Stress B-Complex Caps Review

TwinLab B Stress Complex Caps Review

TwinLab B-Stress Complex Caps Review

My experience with TwinLab Stress B Complex Caps has been positive.  By taking two of them everyday, I have noticed I feel better and I feel more effects from the amino acids that I take.  That probably has to do with the fact that you need enough B Vitamins for Tryptophan to convert into serotonin.  If you don’t have enough niacin, the tryptophan you take will convert into niacin instead.

Many of the top doctors and researchers suggest that people try the coenzymate form of B Vitamins for more serious cases of depression.  If you think a lack of B Vitamins is a major issue, I’d suggest taking the coenzymate form.  I link to Jarrow Formulas B Right above, which is an example of a B Complex in coenzymate form.

If you have had success with regular B Vitamins and don’t like the price of the B Complex supplements in coenzymate form, give TwinLab B Stress Complex caps a try.

You can check them out here: Amazon Twinlab Stress B Complex.

Note: All the links above are affiliate links.  If you buy one of the supplements through my links, I make about $0.12.  I’ve only recommended supplements that I know works for depression through scientific research, treatment centers, and my own experiences.
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