How to Get High (Accidentally) Off Amino Acids

I was experimenting with taking Tryptophan for sleep.  When I take L-Tryptophan at night, I can tell that the effect carries over into the next day.  It’s as if the serotonin production continues even after I wake up.

I decided to take another Tryptophan right when I woke up without eating.  I did some deep relaxation for about an hour then ate an apple.  I continued throughout my day and started feeling really good.  This prompted me to realize it was the Tryptophan, so I went out and did sprints, played basketball, then came home and was feeling so much enjoyment out of life and the outdoors I called my friend to go mountain biking.

I came  home, ate a little tiny meal and took a couple Mood Support pills with a high quality B Vitamin.  I went mountain biking and nature just looked so amazing. My thoughts started to change… After the Mood Support things began to get a little odd…

I went to my friends house, washed off the bike, and just started feeling way too good.  I was calmer than I had ever been and was staring off into the trees with deep wonder.  I started driving home and music sounded amazing.  I started feeling random emotions and remembering things from my past.

High Off Amino Acids

As I was driving home I realized I was actually high.  I was flying like a kite.  It almost felt like a low dose of mushrooms – like a surge of serotonin pumping through my brain.  I started laughing with amazement out of everything.

I went home and just started hanging out with myself.  I was having a blast just hanging out being me, all by my lonesome.

So do Amino Acids work? I am not skeptical at all after that experience.  There is even a huge section on Longecity for amino acids such as Tryptophan, 5-HTP, etc.  Longecity is a website where people discuss nootropics, drugs and herbs that increase your brain power or mood without being harmful.

People actually take 5-HTP to help ease their MDMA withdrawal.

I could always tell they were slightly working, but it wasn’t until that day that I knew for a fact that they work.  They actually got me HIGH.

I wouldn’t do this again because I don’t want my brain to build up a tolerance to these amino acids. That would be the worse thing for me to do – make my brain gain tolerance for the amino acids that produce happiness.  However, I swore I knew they were working, but I didn’t want to delude myself just in case it was a placebo.

Test it For Yourself if You Have To

Don’t take high doses of amino acids all the time. Don’t be depleting your serotonin stores if you have depression! However, if you want to see for yourself the effects that amino acids can have, try this:

  • Upon waking up in the morning, drink some water and eat an apple.
  • Take a high quality B-Vitamin.
  • Take a few Mood Support capsules, L-Tryptophan, 5-HTP, or any other amino acid in that category.
  • Go for a walk or just hang tight with no food for a while and see what happens.

After that, you will know if amino acids have an effect on you!

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