The Biggest Lie That Depression Tells You

Finally!  You’ve found the cure to your depression!

You read about something new and you just feel it in your bones.

You’ve tried it all already and you know this should do the trick!

But then it might work for a moment, and you find yourself right where you started.

You’re still stuck in crippling depression and that’s when it hits you.

You’re doomed and there is nothing you can do.

You’ve relapsed over and over and over and nothing has worked.  You then think, “Depression is forever.”

Can Depression Be Cured

I’m asked all the time whether or not depression is permanent.

It doesn’t help that the societal norm is to believe depression is a disease and that you have to take pills like a “diabetic has to take insulin.”

Psychiatrists told me that all the time.  I was told that my depression was so bad that I would have to take antidepressants for the rest of my life.

What do you think doctors would say if I told them that I fixed my diet, corrected nutritional deficiencies, restored my brain using amino acids instead of having to take Celexa, and when the root causes were fixed my depression was gone?

They would probably just write me off as a random recovery case.

The thing is, by its very definition, depression makes you think that depression is forever.

Depression places a “filter” over your thoughts.  I know that even as I am writing this, a lot of this isn’t going to register until you finally feel better.

This filter produces all-or-nothing thoughts. Many of which are simply not based in reality.


When depressed, everything you see looks different

Since you are depressed, you can only see the supporting reasons why depression is forever.  This is how depression creates a downward spiral and feeds itself.  Some people don’t even believe me when I say I had depression for 11 years and now I don’t. I also understand exactly why they don’t believe me, because when I was depressed I wouldn’t believe that either.

Here’s the simple truth.  People are recovering from depression all the time.  You just have the “filter” over your thoughts.  You most likely read depressing stories online.  Whenever you search about depression you see horror story after horror story.  When you search about people getting off of antidepressants you really see horror stories.

Why Do We Only See The Negative Stories?

Other than having the “filter” that depression causes to your thoughts, there are two main reasons why we don’t remember or see the success stories.

Negative Events Are More Memorable Than Positive Ones

The first reason why there is an abundance of negative stories when it comes to healing from depression is that the brain will focus on negative events instead of positive events.

Have you ever watched the news? What do they report on? Do they ever say, “In the east part of town, three teenagers started a fund and rescued a group of dogs that are now happy in new homes?”  Never, because that isn’t what the brain responds to.  People would watch the news channels that showed car accidents and wars and the happy news channel would quickly go out of business.

Why is that?

For survival reasons, our brains are impacted more by negative events and things rather than positive ones.  This is because it is better for survival to remember that someone died by a lion next to the river than it is to remember that there were pretty flowers by the lake.

Would you rather remember where the flowers are, or avoid this situation?

Would you rather remember where the flowers are, or avoid this situation?

Our brains focus on the negative and get stimulated by them because that helped us survive as a species.

This makes it even harder for people with depression (who have “the filter”) to see that people are healing from depression.  It is more memorable to see all the hopeless stories on forums.

That’s why when Robin Williams died, everyone emailed me saying that if he had that much money and fame and still committed suicide, that meant that they had no hope to recover.

The truth is, it’s probably harder to deal with life when you have fame like he did. Not to mention I fixed my depression when I was completely broke.  Robin Williams was also just one man (and they are now saying he had a rare brain disease on top of all this), yet seeing this one well-known man commit suicide makes it seem like it is impossible to heal from depression.

Our brains see the death of someone like Robin Williams and is highly impacted by it despite the thousands of others that are healing their depression while you read this post.

People Who Had Depression Don’t Want To Go Public About It

The second reason that you don’t hear about as many positive stories is that people will post all day about their pain when they are in depression, but when they fix it they just go on with their lives and they don’t want everyone to know that they were depressed.

I have a lot of people take my program or use my site and email me telling me that they are better now and are excited to be living life.

A lot of these people I will never hear from them again.  The ones that I email asking if they would like to write a success story usually don’t want to go public about having experienced depression.

This causes a lot of the success stories to go unnoticed.  Some people get major depression and largely keep it a secret, fix it, and then go on living their lives and don’t look back.  Others don’t want to put their name out there on the internet and want to keep their anonymity.

It makes sense for a lot of people that once they fix their depression they get to move on and not think about it anymore.

When I first started working with people and created this site, it was hard for me thinking about my own depression.  I’ve done it long enough now that someone can email me in a really bad condition, I can help them in the best way possible, and I can do that without starting to feel what they feel.

The truth is, success stories are out there.  I get emails from people all the time about them healing from depression.  I get private Facebook messages from people telling me they were depressed for years and then finally figure it out.  At the beginning of my Start Here page I have several success stories posted from people that just visited my site and were willing to put their stories out there.

Hundreds of people are healing from their depression right now.  They just don’t want to go out telling the whole world about their dark past.

How Long Does Depression Last

If it isn’t forever, how long depression last?

People also ask me how long it will take until they feel better and aren’t depressed anymore.

The answer is that it depends.

I’ve seen some people heal themselves in a matter of weeks.  I’ve seen some people take a year to just for the withdrawal effects from Nardil wear off.

How long depression will actually last all depends on how severe your root causes are and how long it will take to fix them.

Someone that simply has a vitamin d deficiency can fix their depression very quickly whereas someone with SIBO, parasites, low thyroid, Epstein-Barr virus infection, and allergies to food will take longer.

The thing is, even if it does take you a year or two to fully recover, it can still be done.

How To Keep Moving Forwards

Here’s the truth.  Depression can be fixed.  Thousands of people are doing it everyday.  Depression is caused by something. You just have to find the root causes for your depression and fix them.

But let’s just pretend that maybe depression can be forever.  What if it isn’t always fixable?

Either way, if you have depression, you have two options.  You can either keep testing, trying new things, and going until you succeed. Or you can give up and accept your circumstances and never feel good again.

I don’t know about you, but even if it took me 10 years to figure it out, it would still be worth it.

Depression makes it really hard to do anything.  I remember at times it was almost impossible to even just brush my teeth.

The most powerful thing I ever did, was tell myself I was going to go all out for a year and try everything, do anything, and test any approach until I found the answer.

Even if it was the smallest baby step forward, I would do it.  I had to.  I had no other choice.  I either figure out my depression or I would die trying.

You can either keep moving forwards and trying new things, or give up.  The choice is yours.

But we all know that as long as you don’t give up, things will get better, regardless of how long it takes.

The biggest lie depression tells you, is that it is forever.

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