How To Beat Depression Without Medication

This site shows you how to fix root causes of depression. Far too many people have physiological root causes that they don’t know about and go on trying every method, from therapy to positive thinking, and relapse over and over again.

There is always a cause for depression, you just need to figure out what is causing yours and fix depression at a deeper level.


Depression Resources

Learn more about the root causes of depression, why medication isn’t always the answer, and why therapy might not be effective (yet).

Get Off Antidepressants

Get Off Antidepressants

Get Off Safely And Minimize Withdrawals


Master Sleep

Master Sleep

Sleep Deeper, Faster, And Wake Up Refreshed


Why Positive Thinking Can Fail

Why Positive Thinking Can Fail

Learn The Truth Why Thoughts Don’t Always Fix Depression



Why Therapy Doesn't Always Work

Why Therapy Doesn’t Always Work

Therapy Is Great If Your Root Cause Isn’t In Your Physiology


Relapsed? How To Recover Quick

Relapsed? How To Recover Quick

Stop the downward spiral into the depths of despair


Supplements For Depression

Supplements For Depression

Updated list of supplements that work




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how to lose someone without spiralling into grief

How To Lose Someone Without Spiralling Into Depression

The person you love is gone. They either passed away suddenly without warning or you knew it was coming. After they die, it’s easy to do all the wrong things. It is easy to try to continue on like you are OK and suppress the emotions. To get on with life because, well, the person […]

how to conquer depression without medication

How To Conquer Depression Without Drugs

I sat there nervously every single day of my life. My palms were always slightly damp.  I was always on edge for fear of social interaction. Every time I gave a presentation, I was filled with fear for a month before the event. When I gave a presentation, my face would go beet red and […]

Depression success story

Life Is Beautiful & Meaningful After 7-Months Of Severe Depression | Maria’s Success Story

The following is a guest story by Maria. When I first talked to Maria I instantly knew that she was going to recover quickly. Making a firm decision to fix your depression is the first step to actually beating it. Maria talks about her story, the resources she used, and how she finally found what […]

Depression is a symptom

Depression Isn’t The Problem, It’s The Symptom

You wake up. And feel… Depressed… Uh oh… Here it comes… The big dark cloud of depression is starting to overwhelm you. There’s nothing you can do now. The depression has taken its hold. Your mind begins to race.  You worry obsessively. You go down the dark spiral once again into a state of helplessness. […]

best b12 supplement

Best B12 Supplement

It always amazes me how complex depression is. It also always amazes me when someone simply has one vitamin deficiency and once that is fixed, all symptoms go away. Depression is tricky yet simple.  On the one hand, it can be hard to figure out what the root cause of your own depression is. It […]

Is it possible to beat depression?

Is It Possible To Beat Depression?

Is it possible to pull yourself out of a depression? Is it possible to beat depression even if your whole family is depressed, your on medication, and you have suicidal thoughts? Is it possible to recover from depression without medication? Are you doomed to taking strong medications that cover up the symptoms of a condition […]



Praise from people who used the site to recover.

“I feel absolutely AMAZING!!! I made it! I made it through it all. I have never been so thankful in my life. Thank you so much. It changed my life and has helped put myself on a road to a happier Brandi. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!”

Brandi Green

“The emails are very helpful. I especially liked learning about how nutritional deficiencies can cause/mimic depression. What an amazing breakthrough.”


“It’s amazing how much of a difference is making to everything, general well being, state of calm, focus, my body feels light and more. Kinda feel a bit stupid for not figuring this out myself. Had dreams that I can remember for the first time in a long long time both nights. I also used to feel very suicidal for 30 mins every morning after waking up, which would pass quickly and was only ever right after waking up so I got used to it. But feel completely normal now!”

Ollie Smith

“You helped me up. And I thank you for that. I was down for months devastated and just couldn’t get up. You helped me get through… Thank you.”

Saint Andrew