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There is nothing more crippling then relapsing into depression over and over again.

You think you’ve come across the trick to beating the beast once and for all.  It might last a few months or weeks.  Then you end up in the hell-hole of depression again, each relapse rewiring your beliefs to believe you will be like this for the rest of your life.

People told me depression was a disease, like diabetes, and I’d have it for the rest of my life.

And I believed it.  I had tried everything at my disposal and every relapse got me that much closer to wanting to kill myself.  I even went through a period of drug addiction after my brother passed away.

In the midst of my depression years later, my best friend who I knew for 17 years died suddenly while having a seizure on the highway.

I reached my breaking point.  I realized I didn’t know anything about how to actually overcome depression.

I wrote down and made an agreement with myself that if I didn’t cure my depression in one year that I would end my life.

This caused me to be open to trying everything and anything.  I didn’t judge any method before trying it out.  When I was depressed I dragged myself down to the nearest book store and picked up any book on depression and read it.

Eventually the pieces came together. I got off my antidepressant.  I started feeling good.  I started hanging out with people again.  I could focus on work and hold down a job.

This isn’t Another Generic Advice Site with the Top Ten Tips to Cure Your Winter Blues

I’m not just another person handing out depression advice who has never been there and has only read eHow articles on the topic.

Anything I recommend on this site is because I’ve either personally used it or saw someone else benefit from it.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology, am a certified Peer Support Specialist from the Division of Substance Abuse And Mental Health in Utah and worked as a mentor for NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness).

Here you will learn:

  • Aspects of Depression not Taught in Mainstream Media
  • The Real Reason Why You are Depressed
  • Natural Methods for Curing The “Why” in Your Depression
  • Why Antidepressants Don’t Solve the Real Issue
  • How to have your brain create more of the neurotransmitters that you need
  • How to change your nutrition to build a rock solid foundation of supplying the necessary nutrients for neurotransmitter production

Curing Depression Can Be Simple

Ultimately it came down to a few simple tricks including nutrition and slight tweaks to my biology that anyone can easily implement.

I’ll be frank.  If you have any rigid beliefs about depression and how to cure it, stop reading right now and close your browser.

You can and will cure your depression.  But you have to be open to alternative approaches and be willing to go through a simple trial-and-error process for your individual biology.

I’m not a doctor with a Ph.D (although I do have a degree in Psychology).  I fought in the trenches for 11 years fighting my own depression.  I then worked for a non-profit as a mentor for people with mental illness and held weekly group therapy sessions.

I also tasted work inside a research facility that tested pharmaceutical drugs on clients.

What is Really Causing Your Depression?

Why did promising to kill myself in one year if I didn’t cure my depression work?

Because depression can be caused by hundreds of factors and it forced me to try every approach.

I had finally opened my mind to trying new things by making that year long agreement with myself.

Here are just a few causes of depression:

  • Winter Blues (Seasonal Affective Disorder)
  • Thyroid Problems/Disease
  • Vitamin Deficiency
  • Lack of Omega-3s and Fatty Acids in Diet
  • Insomnia
  • Gluten and Food Sensitivities
  • Poor Relationships with Family
  • Birth Control Pills
  • Lack of Exercise and/or Sunlight
  • Inefficiency in Converting Tryptophan into Serotonin
  • Overtraining (Working Out Too Much)
  • Yeast
  • Buildup of heavy metals in the brain

This is why I find it bizarre to assume people with depression must be Prozac deficient.

I tried everything and it wasn’t until I finally pieced together diet and nutrition along with vitamins, minerals and supplements that I have successfully kept depression out of my life.

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According to a writing in the New England Journal of Medicine, “51% of approved drugs have serious side effects not detected prior to approval.”

And according to Talking Back to Prozac by Dr. Peter Breggin, Prozac conducted fourteen studies.  Four of which were used to compare Prozac to a placebo, of which only three were used.

Of the remaining studies, only two studies were positive about Prozac. In fact, the other eight showed that an older antidepressant, imipramine, was more effective.  The FDA only selected the positive studies and excluded the majority of which were negative!

Natural Supplements are Clinically Tested

There seems to be a stigma about curing anything “naturally” in western culture.  Images of hippies laying in the grass using unreasonable logic to defend their hypotheses conjures up in people’s minds.

In Germany St. John’s Wort is prescribed more often than antidepressants.  There has been numerous studies conducted which have even found that St. John’s Wort can be more effective than antidepressant drugs with fewer side effects.

L-Tryptophan has been studied extensively on it’s function in producing serotonin in the brain and double-blind studies have been conducted on its effects for inducing sleep at night for those with insomnia.

Why are prescription drugs so strongly pushed in Western Culture?

Simple: money.

Pharmaceutical companies are very large and have big budgets in order to publish their studies and influence public opinion in their favor.  In 2008, Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer had combined revenues of $111,906,000,000.  They had combined profits of over 20 billion dollars.

It is like the classic stories of how when someone started inventing a car that wouldn’t require the oil demands of current automobiles they would go missing.

Oil companies are the largest in the world.  Anything that would move the markets in a different direction would affect the bottom line and thousands of people’s jobs.

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