How One Man Became Confident, Relaxed, and Happy After 11 Years of Crippling Depression

Dear friend,

Let me tell you a story.

Not too long ago, I felt desperately depressed. I was depressed for so long, I thought it was actually normal.


Well.. I was struggling with depression and anxiety. Not just feeling down or “sad.” no, this was the severe “I wish I had the energy to kill myself”, type of depression and anxiety.

The type of spiraling out of control where every thought is racing and you can just give up on falling asleep.

The type of anxiety and depression where I feared meeting new people and waking up was a nightmare.

My life was a nightmare and I never believed that I could change.

My anxiety, insomnia, and depression destroyed my self esteem, demolished my self worth, and left me living like a zombie that hoped to just finish one more day.

These days it can be hard to go back. To remember what it was like to be in that state of mind. See the deep pain in my eyes that repulsed everyone away from me…

This is Me When I Was Depressed

This is how I spent most my days. You can see that I had given up in my eyes.

I suffered from depression for 11 years. In case you don’t already know my story, I started getting depressed symptoms when I was a child. I went through my entire adolescence and young adulthood in pain and feeling out of place.

On top of my already existing depression my brother had passed away and I had one friend that was close to me die years later.

In the midst of my anguish I decided that if I didn’t fix my depression in one year I would take my life. I signed the note and made an honest agreement with myself.

I was at the final straw. I no longer was just contemplating suicide… I was literally going to kill myself if nothing changed.

I yearned for those brief moments I knew in the past when I was confident, excited, and relaxed… But I reached my breaking point when I was completely worn down, stressed, anxious, and felt absolutely no pleasure from anything…

The first thing I tried with my new “suicide agreement” was prescription medication. That lead to a path of dependency, worsened problems, and increased anxiety and sleeping problems.

I finally got off my antidepressant and was desperate to try anything. I had nothing to lose. I tried every supplement, approach, and guideline out there.

I was a runaway train and all I wanted in the world was to wake up feeling refreshed. Have a moment where my mind wasn’t racing out of control. To go to a party and be able to simply enjoy being with interesting people.

I’d look in the mirror and I couldn’t take it anymore.

…is this how life is always going to be?…

…do I really have to live the rest of my life in fear?…

…how do other people sleep so easily?…

…I wish I could just snap my fingers and be a normal human being…

…I hope I wake up from this nightmare soon….

When I was depressed

I would break down from time to time

Honestly my life was in shambles. I felt intense emotional pain every day of my life. I was:

      • A nervous wreck at work
      • Stressed out all the time
      • Unable to sleep and recover from my stress
      • Anxious about going out in public to meet new friends
      • Unable to date anyone of the opposite sex
      • Using illegal drugs to cope with the pain – which only made things worse
The problem was – nothing I had tried actually worked.

Yet I believed that if I just kept trying to change my thoughts, kept trying to improve my sleep hygiene, and kept simply existing that somehow these problems would eventually fade away.

Every time I would read a new book, my hopes would soar. I would think that I had finally found the solution to my anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

But I would wake up after another restless 3 hour sleep, dreading the day ahead of me, and dragging my feet to simply survive.

I went form therapist to therapist. I eventually even tried drugs. I went to support groups. I thought “positive” all day.

Some things would work for a few days, but the depression would always come back. I’d have a night or two where I could confidently talk to people, but eventually I would relapse into anxiety and nervousness.

Have you ever felt like this?

For most people suffering from depression, this is the story of their lives. Some people do go their entire lives this way.

They try one thing after another until they eventually give up and believe that for some reason that is who they are as people.

In fact, if anything had worked for you, you wouldn’t be reading this right now!

However, something unbelievable had happened to me…

About 6 months after I had made my initial one year agreement to fix myself or die, I stumbled into my local book shop.

I picked up random books for fixing mood disorders and started reading about nutritional deficiencies.

I discovered that depression isn’t all about “positive” thinking and having an antidepressant deficiency. It is actually caused by imbalances that occur in your body due to a poor diet, a poor lifestyle, and deficiencies in nutrients.

When I first read these books in the store, I was skeptical about just changing my diet and taking a few “natural” supplements and having it fix my crippling suicidal depression.

But remember, I had nothing to lose, so I literally started trying every supplement on the market.

Supplements To Achieve Ultimate Health And Defeat Depression

I’ve tried more than this. This is what I was taking all at once back in the day.

When I say I used every supplement out there, I really mean every supplement.

Sometimes I would take a supplement and find real relief for a few days. That kept my motivation unbelievably high.

I started learning more and more about how people were fixing themselves with proper nutrition.

I started to change what I ate and started noticing improvements.

The more I read about all this the more it started to make obvious sense.

True anxiety and insomnia is not caused by you not being able to control your thoughts. True depression is not because you are a weak person inside.

Not being able to sleep at night, being nervous in every social situation, and feeling like complete crap is caused by missing nutrients in your body!

Feeling like pure crap can be the result of food allergies. It can be the result of eating foods that spike your blood sugar and the resulting crash later in the day. It can be the result of not supplying your brain, which is made mostly of fatty acids, with enough dietary fat in your diet.

The good news is your body is an amazing thing. It can heal itself. Your brain can mold and change.

Your body can heal itself from depression. In fact, that is its natural state! It just simply can’t get there without the proper nutrients, the proper building blocks, to do the job it naturally wants to do.

Think about it… If someone wasn’t getting enough of a Vitamin… they DIE.

If we aren’t getting enough critical vitamins and minerals but we aren’t so deficient we are going to DIE, what happens in between?

That’s right. Anxiety. Insomnia. Depression. Suicidal thoughts.

What a discovery!

I also came to the realization that trying to figure this stuff out can be complicated.

Every doctor out there talks to your for 5 minutes and prescribes you a strong pill with unknown long-term side effects.

Every mainstream medication is marketed to you and the medical system to increase their profits… not YOUR success.

I actually had a job at a clinical research facility that tested pharmaceutical drugs. Trust me. These companies don’t actually WANT you to get better – otherwise they wouldn’t make any more money having your come back every month for your prescription!

None of these approaches ever actually really cure you from depression, because they don’t get to the root of what is actually causing the problem. Don’t you see it now? Those approaches only cover up the symptoms until you relapse once again!

After learning about this… I was shocked. I had graduated with a degree in Psychology, been told my whole life that taking antidepressants was similar to diabetics taking insulin, and now I was learning that it was all wrong the entire time…

I started to improve my lifestyle. I really nailed my nutrition down. I found a few key supplements that worked….

And I felt better!

And not just better for a few days… Better for years straight! It worked quickly, and it wasn’t even that difficult to do.

Obviously, my habits kept me thinking that I could simply go back to eating the same foods I use to eat and not take care of myself and I relapsed a few times… but with only ONE month of following these guidelines my depression lifted and I felt good for years afterwards.

I don’t take strong antidepressant drugs that cause all sorts of side effects that are almost as bad as depression itself. I did not want to take stuff that would make me dependent on them and affect me in ways that nobody understands…

I put the system in the Six Weeks to Dominate Depression Course and saw my depression begin to improve within a couple of weeks.

After figuring this all out, I was finally able to:

      • Fall asleep and not have to rely on any “techniques”
      • Meet people and form relationships and deep connections
      • Wake up excited for what the day had in store for me
      • Regain my confidence
      • Hang out with friends and family and not feel guilty for feeling like crap
      • Feel good about myself when looking in the mirror
      • Have a conscious clear thought in my mind
      • Finally feel FREE!
TJ Nelson

This is me now.

I couldn’t be happier and more motivated in life.

Good news is… I decided I needed to share my discovery with the world. There are people out there suffering from depression who think they have to just “manage” it and don’t realize they can overcome it.

Every time I went through a painful relapse of depression, I always remembered thinking, “Nobody should have to feel this way…”

I quit my high-paying job to make my course and help everyone out there that needs it.

I made this course so that you can fix your depression as quickly as possible and avoid the painful trial-and-error process that I had to suffer through.

You don’t have to go through the same trial-and-error process that I did. You don’t have to take all those pills in the picture above. I have already done all research and hard work for you.

I took the most important vitamins and minerals that almost every American is deficient in, I combined this with the knowledge of nutrition and combined it with the best natural products for overall health, stress reduction, and great sleep.

I show you week-by-week how to attain health and happiness once and for all.Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 12.34.59 PM

Let me Paint a Picture for You:

You go through the course, you finally take control of your life, and you overcome depression. You go out with some friends and see some people you’d like to meet.

In the past you wouldn’t have even felt any pleasure from going out with friends in the first place. You would have felt too much anxiety to even want to talk to someone you didn’t know. But now, you feel confident, full of energy, and calm.

You approach this person and start talking. They start talking back to you. You feel amazing. And you realize, this is how life should be.

$347 Reduced to $97

Six Weeks to Dominate Depression

Here’s What’s In It

This course is packed FULL of quick information you can start using right away to completely overcome your depression. The secrets to fixing your depression are not actually secrets.

It simply involves taking a few key supplements to deal with nutrient deficiencies, changing your diet, reducing your stress, getting a full night’s rest, and getting some exercise in the sun.

It sounds simple.. And it IS… but there is a LOT of conflicting information out there. There is an entire industry leading you to believe you need to take their prescription drugs and that depression is a “disease.” The you try to figure out what path to take, the harder it becomes, especially when you have low energy from depression in the first place.

What I do for you is I take the confusion out of this painful process and lay it out for you plainly so that you can put it into action right now.

The course is divided up into “Weeks.” You get access to the first week when you sign up, and after one week goes by, you get access to the next week.

I have nothing to hide, so here is a screenshot from inside the course:

Contents of the course

Screenshot inside the course

I can’t say how long it will take for every person to recover from their depression when they take course. What I can say is you will start to see improvement within a couple of weeks and the majority of people will be depression free in 4 to 6 weeks. Some people might take a little bit longer.

You do have to put in a little work. This system isn’t for people just looking to watch some videos and get a quick fix – if you that is you, I don’t suggest you buy this course.

This course is for people how are sick of the pharmaceutical industry’s BS and want the truth. It is for people who want to make a permanent change in their lives and overcome depression. It is for people who want to get to the root cause of their depression and make it a thing of the past.

Don’t freak out just yet. I don’t require you to run 20 miles in the mountains every day, eat nothing but broccoli, and have a strict schedule. Making these changes is fun and amazing. Once you start eating the way I tell you to eat and taking some of the supplements I suggest, you will never feel deprived.

The last thing I want you to do is tell your friends you can’t hang out because they are eating at a restaurant that doesn’t serve salad!

From this course you will learn:

Week 1 - Understanding and Using Supplements
Whenever I see someone struggling with depression, the first thing I want to ask them is if they’ve tried taking any vitamins and minerals.

Most people are so starved for nutrients that’s it’s impossible for their brains to function properly.

Not only that, but supplements such as amino acids are the quickest way to safely and quickly restore neurotransmitters back into the brain. In Week 1, you’ll discover:

      • The ESSENTIAL vitamins and minerals that you need to be taking to correct deficiencies before anything else will work
      • Which supplements are safe to take without getting tested and which ones are essential to get tested for first because too much is toxic
      • How to replenish your neurotransmitters in a natural way that doesn’t cause dependency (In fact, once you’ve brought your brain back into balance, you won’t need them anymore)
      • Which amino acids will most likely work for you, based on your symptoms, so that you can minimize the time spent experimenting with supplements and maximize your speed to recovery
      • How and when to take these supplements so that they are absorbed as effectively as possible so you aren’t like everyone else that is wasting their money by taking them at the wrong times
      • That there are multiple forms of depression and how to treat them differently
      • Which form of depression is associated with ADD and what to do about it
      • Why feeling tons of dark thoughts is different to feeling numb
      • How being addicted to coffee, cocaine, or uppers is a sign that you are desperately low in catecholamines and how to restore that back into balance, reducing your cravings for the drugs
      • If you use marijuana or alcohol, the reason you use them is insight into how to correct your depression (Depending on whether they relax you or excite you)
      • Which supplements to take if stress is the main factor in your life that is bringing you down
      • Why you are overly sensitive to everything and a virtually unknown amino acid that helps create endorphins that helps you deal with pain more easily
Week 2 - Using Nutrition to Enhance Your Brain
Without proper nutrition, you stay depressed. With proper nutrition, you pave the way for a lifetime of being depression free.

When someone struggles with depression and can’t seem to break out of it, it is because they have failed to learn how to supply their body with what it needs and to avoid the foods that have been scientifically shown to wreck havoc on their moods.

​ In Week 2, you’ll discover:

    • What is the most important type of food you need to be eating… at every meal
    • How to start eating the right foods to supply your brain with the basic building blocks it needs to recover from depression
    • Which foods have secretly kept you depressed without you knowing (Not only that, but these also make you fat)
    • Sample menus and meals that you can implement so you don’t have to think about it
    • How to test for food allergies, an often overlooked reason why people can’t escape their depression.
    • Why you don’t have low willpower for craving sweets
    • Why people living in Thailand seem so happy, thin, and nice, whereas people in the western world are obese, sick, and depressed
    • Which food type you were taught was unhealthy this whole time, but when in reality it has tremendous antidepressant effects… and tastes delicious (You’ll love being able to eat this)
    • Why healthy food doesn’t taste as good and what you can do about it
    • How to fix constant mood swings throughout the day so your energy and mood stay consistent for hours.
    • Why eating low calories will keep you depressed and fat
    • How to deal with people that give you a hard time about changing your eating habits
    • The lowdown on sugar, wheat, vegetable oils, and soy
    • Why some foods make you falsely feel good and literally addicted (this might be the ONLY thing you need to learn to beat depression)
    • Why you should be taking a closer look at caffeine (If you haven’t explored caffeine’s effects fully, you’ll be surprised)
    • Which food when eaten 3x a week drastically improves your brain’s ability to function
    • What to do if you hate vegetables and why your taste buds reject them
    • How manufacturers try to sneak depression causing chemicals into your food (and a list of common alternate names for sugar)
    • A list of healthy and delicious foods you can print out from one of the top “rogue” nutritionists
    Week 3 - Using Exercise to Reverse Depression's Damage
    We all know that exercise is good for us. So why don’t any of us do it? Why do so many people sign up for gym memberships for the New Year then stop going one month later?

    This week you’ll learn what to do about exercise and how to utilize it for its antidepressant effects in a way that excites you instead of intimidates you.

    In Week 3 you’ll discover:

    • What’s the MOST IMPORTANT type of exercise for defeating depression (The answer isn’t what you think)
    • How to implement a simple technique you can implement instantly that guarantees you’ll keep exercising
    • How looking at our ancestors reveals why we hate exercise and make up excuses for skipping out on the gym
    • Why when looking at a treadmill your brain screams for you to NOT get on and start running
    • What researchers found was the minimum amount of exercise needed for an antidepressant effect
    • What exactly happens with serotonin while you are exercising and why it is released (hint: it has to do with what’s happening to OTHER amino acids in the body)
    • How exercise literally releases a key growth hormone that reverses the toxic, brain damaging effects of depression
    • Why random physical activity isn’t the solution (no one is successful long-term doing this)
    • How a research study observing the miles people walked in Disneyland shows us how to keep exercising
    • Should you exercise as much as possible? (It has to do with your adrenals and nervous system)
    • Why its actually a warning sign if the only time you feel relief from depression is when you are constantly exercising
    Week 4 - How to Relax and Prevent Stress
    Don’t worry, meditation doesn’t have to be all new agey for it work.

    In fact, meditation has been researched so much and the evidence is so overwhelming that people all over the world are starting to utilize it.

    In Week 4 you’ll discover:

    • What I like to call the silent killer that hangs out in the background of your mind that you don’t even notice (And keeps you depressed until you solve it)
    • What people like the 33rd richest man in the United States and Seinfield have to say about meditation
    • What science and double-blind studies have to say about meditation
    • Why trying to “think” your way into self acceptance never works (and how this technique DOES work)
    • Three different meditations you can start using right away that are ridiculously simple
    • The most important aspect of meditation that people forget
    • How to meditate in a way that not only brings your anxiety down but amps up your self awareness
    • How doing a daily relaxation technique can be like giving yourself therapy
    • Why having a “bad” meditation is more beneficial than a good one
    • Should you meditate everyday?
    • How to actually start meditating instead of talking about it
    • Easy trick to get yourself into the habit of meditation that EVERYONE can do
    • Why meditation is no longer “new agey” and everyone is starting to do it
    • How to use a few basic supplements if you still can’t relax
    • An alternate way to relax and reduce stress other than meditation if that’s not your thing
    Week 5 - Mastering Sleep
    This might just be your favorite week. Here you’ll learn how to finally put an end to insomnia. You will learn additional tricks to finally start getting a full night’s rest.

    In Week 5, you’ll discover:

    • Why you really aren’t sleeping and what to do about it
    • How the previous weeks all built up to being able to sleep and how to capitalize on it
    • How to use sleep hygiene properly instead of letting it cause even more insomnia
    • When it comes to sleeping through the night, this is where people always get it wrong
    • How I started sleeping EVERY night naturally and without effort
    • A random adaptogen that lowers stress cumulatively that nobody seems to know about
    • What serotonin’s real role is in getting a full nights rest (Without this you will never sleep)
    • An herb you can use for emergencies (this one should only be used short-term)
    • Which supplement cured one of my readers of his year long Xanax addiction
    • Which two minerals have been described by doctors as the body’s natural tranquilizer
    • Which foods keep you up at night and how to eliminate them
    • How to never be bothered by loud noises or bright rooms at night again (even while traveling)
    • How to use free apps for you computer and phone to help your body naturally produce its sleep hormones at night
    • A nifty device that people are using to reset their circadian rhythms that can make you sleep deeper
    • What the real reason is when it comes to colder temperatures helping with sleep (it has to do the temperature before it was cold)
    • Does St. John’s Wort help with sleep?
    • How a random B-Vitamin helps some people sleep like they did when they were children
    • How your thyroid can be a hidden factor in how you sleep and how long you sleep
    Week 6 - Creating Permanent and Lasting Change
    You will learn how to get support and how to get leverage on yourself so that the changes become permanent. You will get additional troubleshooting tips for any problems that might arise. After this week, you’ll be on your way.

    In Week 6, you’ll discover:

    • How to ACTUALLY change habits (and not just be like everyone else who makes a New Year’s resolution)
    • How to ask for help in the right way (if you’ve been doing this wrong, you’ve been pushing people away)
    • Why we withdraw and what to do about it (certain changes in the depressed brain mimic another state we commonly find ourselves in)
    • How do you deal with a toxic relationship?
    • How to text someone and get them to support you without feeling like you are a drag
    • The real reason why you don’t get the support you need and why it has to do with you
    • How I went from always pushing people away to having people happy to rush to my aid
    • What being direct about your needs means and why it is VITAL to your success in beating depression
    • Is getting a professional therapist worth it?
    • Which ratio inside your body is easy to test for (and if it isn’t fixed will keep your brain from functioning)
    • Two more precautions about food (and why if you haven’t implemented them you will stay depressed)
    • Which supplements suppress your appetite and what to do about it
    • Are you taking any medications that are responsible for your depression?
    • Which conditions you need to rule out if you still suffer from depression
    • What to do if you have suffered from traumatic life events (the solution is extremely promising)
    • What disorder can cause you to seriously lack an ability to absorb nutrients (it requires IMMEDIATE help)
    • What to do if you still have a low level of anxiety

    With this easily laid out information, there is no way that you won’t be able overcome depression and enjoy a night out with friends like you always imagined!

    See permanent, lasting results in as little as two weeks!

    $347 Reduced to $97

    Six Weeks to Dominate Depression

    Hold up… Who is this Dominate Depression guy anyway?

    How rude of me to not tell you a little bit about myself. Many of you reading this will already know me, but for those of you who are new, my name is TJ Nelson. My real name is Taylor as you can see in the picture below, but don’t tell anyone ;).

    Certified Peer Specialist

    I was a Certified Peer Specialist through the Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health

    I am from Utah, have a degree in Psychology, have worked for NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness), worked for a Clinical Research Facility, was certified as a Peer Support Specialist, and am now traveling the world meeting amazing people and helping others overcome depression.

    I used to  work for NAMI Utah as a Mentor

    I used to work for NAMI Utah as a Mentor

    I created – one of the most popular sites in Google when it comes to people overcoming their depression, getting off their antidepressants, and fixing their insomnia.


    I had had a few rough experiences, but ultimately fixing my depression came to fixing my physiology. My brother died from cancer when I was 16, my parents had been divorced and the parent I was living with after my brother died practically abandoned me, I went through drug addiction, had hardly any friends, severe anxiety, moved around too much, and lost my best friend when I was 22.

    I tried antidepressants and all the traditional approaches. I tried positive thinking. I tried therapist after therapist I tried it all. But what nobody told me was how to fix my actual biology! Nobody told me that the reason why I thought negatively was I felt like crap.

    Through all my research I discovered simple ways to eat right, identify which supplements you need, and what nutritional deficiencies you need to overcome. For example, I used to be deficient in magnesium and Vitamin D. Now my levels are kept in their optimal ranges.

    For example, do you realize that in clinical studies, most people were deficient in magnesium? Millions of people suffer daily from a magnesium deficiency and they don’t even know it. I was one of those people.

    Without enough magnesium, your brain can’t produce neurotransmitters consistently. Magnesium is critical in the role of stress reduction and depression relief.

    Magnesium Blood Levels Test

    Actual Test Results When My Magnesium Levels Used to Be Low

    That is just one of the things you need to correct.

    Click the video below to watch the very first introductory video of the Six Weeks to Dominate Depression course:

    I’ve Already Bought So Many Books, Seen So Many Therapists, and Heard Promises of Being Depression Free… How Do I Know This is Different?

    Top reasons why this is better than anything else you’ve tried:

    • It actually works. I’m not making this up. Just look at my pictures. Watch the videos on my website. Read the comments on my posts. I am a real person who dealt with severe depression and overcame it using the information in this course.
    • I have helped hundreds of people improve their depression, fix their sleep, and get off their antidepressants with just the free information I give away on my website. The course contains extra special tricks and secrets that will guarantee you come out the other side depression free naturally.
    • The results are permanent. This course heals the root cause of depression. You don’t have to fear every day that you are going to wake up and relapse.
    • The system is empowering. Never again will you feel like you have to depend on someone else to fix your depression – you have all the information you need to control your health, get a handle on your depression, and stay depression free.
    • The course is comprehensive. I don’t leave anything out of this course. I made this course to actually fix your depression. I made it so you don’t have to go refer to other resources when you are don!
    • The system is completely safe and natural. This course isn’t going to mess with your libido, give you insomnia, or make you feel weird like antidepressants do. Not only that, the supplements I recommend cause no dependence at all. The only side effects are going to be sleeping through the entire night, more energy, and a clear mind.

    All those years of doctors telling patients that “its all in your head” was complete ignorance.

    What Are People Saying?

    Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 2.22.47 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 2.23.04 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 2.23.23 PM

    $347 Reduced to $97

    Six Weeks to Dominate Depression


    What I’m Asking Of You

    Even though I feel the true value of this course is worth a lot more than what I am asking (people still tell me I need to raise the price – and I might in the future), for now I’m just asking for a small sum for something that will fix your depression once and for all.

    I am more worried about putting this message out to help others than making massive amounts of cash – so I figured if I gave you a bunch of stuff at a reasonable price, we’d both come out winners.

    So here is the deal: Get Six Weeks to Dominate Depression right now for only $347 $97.

    Think of how much money you have spent over the years going to doctors, trying random medications, paying therapists to hear you out, and wasting money on the wrong foods. It probably comes out to A LOT more than $97. In comparison, this will be the best investment you have ever made.

    Besides, can you really put a price on feeling good and not feeling like killing yourself everyday?

    I spent $350 going to doctors and all they did was put me on random medications for years. People don’t realize the amazing deal they are getting in this course when everything is laid out so simply.

    TJ, thank you so much for this website. It has been a lifesaver. I am in my mid 20s and I have struggled with depression my whole life. I spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars going to doctors. I wish I would have just started out with your course. People don’t realize the deal they are really getting by your course being so cheap! I hope people don’t let their lack of energy from depression stop them from clicking Buy for your course!

    -Jeffrey M, Maryland

    Oh, I Forgot To Tell You, You Risk Absolutely Nothing

    If you aren’t completely satisfied with the course you can ask for your money back. I will refund you in full, no questions asked.

    All you have to do is write me an email before 60 days telling me you’d like a refund.

    MBGThe reason I am doing this is because I know that this course is going to finally help you overcome depression and finally feel that confidence and energy that everyone else already has.

    Go ahead and move forward with Six Weeks to Dominate Depression today. As soon as you purchase, you will have instant access. If you find that within the first 5 minutes it isn’t completely worth it, just send me and email and I’ll return your payment to you quietly and without question.

    Join the Exclusive Club of People who have Taken The Course of Their Life into their own Hands, learned the tricks, and Finally Freed Themselves of this Horribly Painful Curse

    before after

    I used to barely be able to take care of myself. Now I feel amazing practically everyday.

    So What Will It Be?

    I have to say – if you don’t take advantage of this offer, you are not only cheating yourself, but your friends and family around you. After all, the better you feel, the more you can spend quality time with the ones you love. There is no reason why you can’t finally get relief from the pain and suffering caused by depression and anxiety. It is completely possible and within your reach:

    • No matter how bad your depression feels
    • No matter how long you have been depressed
    • No matter how many family members that you know have it
    • No matter if you think it is in your “genetics”
    • No matter what people think about your recovery process
    So get it now while it’s still fresh on your mind.

    Remember, you have nothing to lose! Try the course risk free. If you don’t like it, shoot me an email for a refund.

    • YES, I want to learn how to permanently overcome depression
    • YES, I want to change my life for the better
    • YES, I want to find relief without using crazy medications
    • YES, I want to feel good and calm once and for all!

    You could literally spend years trying different supplements without a real guide for which ones are most likely work. That is $100s of dollars spent and time wasted.

    The average psychologist charges around $80-$100 an hour. If you hired me 1 on 1 that is about what you would pay to get advice. The average amount of time it takes to see results in Psychotherapy is 10 sessions, which comes out to $1,000 dollars.

    Not only that, but think how much money you are leaving on the table by staying depressed. When I finally fixed my depression, I made 4 times more money instantly (I had the energy to do a high pressure job).

    The price of this course has been reduced from $347 to $97 for a limited amount of time. I will most likely raise it to $197 later in the year.

    For the price of one counseling session, you can take control of your depression, have permanent access to all the materials, and get the energy you need to make more income.

    Six Weeks to Dominate Depression

    HScreen Shot 2014-04-18 at 2.46.45 PMey, thanks for reading…

    I hope you the best

    TJ Nelson


    P.S. Don’t forget, if you don’t like anything in this course, just return it – no questions asked.

    P.P.S. Six Weeks to Dominate Depression has been specifically designed to help you overcome depression naturally, but it will also give you other benefits such as – the ability to sleep, more energy, ability to hold down a job and make more money, better appearance, better metabolism, increased ability to exercise and lose fat, and enjoying time with your friends and family.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What if I can’t afford it?

    Can you afford to be depressed any longer? That is what will happen if you don’t start attacking depression’s root causes. If you don’t have the core fundamentals in place, you are at high-risk of being another casualty of depression’s high relapse rate. Plus, you can test-drive the entire Six Weeks To Dominate Depression at NO RISK for 60 days.

    Do I need to buy anything else after the course?

    Yes, you will need to purchase a few vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. At the very minimum, the “basics” that I outline in week one is what you’ll need.

    Other than that, only thing is buying healthier food options. Which can actually save you money, don’t worry :).

    How is everything delivered to me?

    You will receive an email shortly after signing up to the course to give you access to Week 1’s content. Every week, you will get a new email with a link to the next week’s content. This is to ensure that you take your time and focus on building the habits necessary to defeat depression.

    If at any time you don’t have the email or want to simply log in and view the course content, you can go to the top of, click on “Six Week Course” and click “Existing Members.”

    How does the guarantee work?

    If you are anything less than happy with your results, send me a quick email within 60 days and I’ll refund your money in full, no questions asked.

    I already have a few supplements I am trying out. Is that ok?

    Yes, of course! Have you had any success with them? Most people try a random supplement here, another random supplement over there.

    Six Weeks To Dominate Depression shows you how to systematically take specific supplements so that they work for you and your symptoms. You will also receive a daily schedule on when to take the vitamins and amino acids.

    How do I contact you if I have any other questions?
    You can email me at TJ(at) or email me through my Contact Page.

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    Six Weeks to Dominate Depression


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