Healing Takes Time | Tim’s Depression Success Story

I met Tim early of this year and he had a wide range of issues.

From digestive problems and parasites with insomnia and horrible brain fog, his healing journey was going to take a while.

However, I knew he was going to continually get better because of the way he kept seeking out new information and troubleshooting himself until he figured it out.

Here is his video:

He even got a SAD lamp and put it on a timer to help him wake up and reset his circadian rhythm.  The one he used is the SADelite lamp.

I remember when I was experimenting with everything to try and figure out what my root causes were and how to feel better, everyone thought I was crazy from all the stuff I was trying.

At the end of the day, each thing I tried was just one step closer to feeling better and better.

The same thing happened to Tim.

I’m glad to have met him and thankful that he shared this video.  Feel free to comment below if you have any questions.

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  • Vrajesh

    this is good advice, one does need to be consistent and patient if their issues are more deeper and severe. it does take time. How did you address your digestive and parasite issues? What was your diet like?

    • TJ Nelson

      It was a very extensive process. I tried all sorts of diets and it took over a year to do so. I would have to do an entire write up to actually explain how I did it.

      How is your digestive system doing?